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ACL Tear Heal

If you’ve ever been engaged in a sporting activity and heard a loud popping sound in your knee, you can almost be certain that you have torn your ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). The swelling will set in very quickly and it will be difficult to use your knee. 

Signs and symptoms of an ACL injury usually include:

  • A loud “pop” or a “popping” sensation in the knee
  • Severe pain and inability to continue the activity
  • Rapid swelling
  • Loss of range of motion
  • A feeling of instability or “giving way” with weight bearing

Is it necessary to see a doctor for an ACL tear? 

Getting an exam by a physician is critical in order to properly diagnose an ACL tear. The doctor will be able to order x-rays to visualize the extent of the damage and has other tests available to properly diagnose the injured knee. If you’re not able to see a healthcare professional immediately after the injury, make a note of these ACL tear symptoms and don’t prolong a doctor visit:

  • Instability
  • Pain or swelling that lasts more than two days
  • Difficulty walking and standing on the injured knee
  • Inability to support body weight on the injured knee
  • An odd appearance of the painful side of the knee

What are the treatment options for a torn ACL? 

Various treatment options are available for those with partial or full ACL tears. In some cases, based on a doctor’s recommendation, a patient with a partially torn ACL may undergo therapy for about three months. Some of this therapy can be done at a facility and some on your own. Instability is the major complaint with these patients and they will need to remain consistent with their therapy regimens.

The good news, though, is that most partial ACL tears can be managed without surgery. Those with complete ACL tears aren’t quite as fortunate as surgery is generally the only solution for repair. The extent of the injury, as well as the demands placed on the knee, will determine the recovery plan.

Who is a candidate for torn ACL surgery? 

Usually surgery is recommended for active adults involved in heavy manual work or those involved in sports requiring lots of turning, pivoting and hard-cutting. ACL tears in children and adolescents may need to avoid surgery in order to avoid any growth problems due to skeletal immaturity. Therapy and rehabilitation plans can be developed to help young people heal without major challenges to their growth.

The medical professionals at CORE Orthopedics and Sports Medicine are experts in therapy, rehabilitation and surgical options for torn ACL situations. For more information about ACL tears and recovery, contact CORE Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at 847-690-1776.

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